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January 2015 Business Pulse: Insights on Maryland’s new leadership Secretary Mike Gill leads the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development.  It was just about three weeks ago that Governor Larry Hogan announced that I was his pick for Secretary of the Department of Business and [...]

January 2015  Economic Pulse: Insights on Maryland’s economy  Mikra Krasniqi is an economist at the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development. Economic growth over the past year will likely continue through 2015, indicators suggest. Between January and December 2014, total nonfa [...]

January 2015  Small Business Pulse: Insights on resources for entrepreneurs Sean McEvoy is the Director of Small Business Resources at the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development. Starting a business is an exciting and challenging undertaking. To help ensure their success, it’s impo [...]

tourism mag
Thousands of reasons to visit Maryland in 2015

January 27 | Emily Kimball Pope

The tourism industry is an important player in Maryland’s economy. In 2013 alone, travelers spent $15.4 billion exploring the State. But what will draw visitors to Maryland in 2015? Look no further than Destination Maryland: The Official Guide to Maryland State Travel. The free travel magazine [...]

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