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Catch up on the latest Maryland business news. Maryland business successes: Maryland added 6,100 total jobs in February across several industry sectors, MDBIZ News reports. What better way to celebrate Maryland Day than with growing business centers? Governor Larry Hogan spent time at the Cove Po [...]

Maryland added a total of 6,100 jobs in February, the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation announced Friday, including 3,100 in the private sector and 3,000 in the public sector. Jobs were added across several industry sectors. Maryland Employment Growth, February 2015 Industry [...]

March 2015 Business Pulse: Insights on serving every Maryland county, region Secretary Mike Gill leads the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development. Secretary Mike Gill of the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development is looking forward to interacting with business [...]

March 2015 Economic Pulse: Insights on Maryland’s exports growth Mikra Krasniqi is an economist at the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development. A growing number of exports are fueling Maryland’s economy and creating jobs. In 2014, total annual exports from Maryland increased by 4 [...]

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