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Marlin Steel Wire Products has been located in Baltimore since 1999.
State supports Marlin Steel equipment upgrade

August 20 | Emily Kimball Pope

With assistance from the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development (DBED), Baltimore-based Marlin Steel Wire Products has made a major equipment upgrade, DBED Secretary Dominick Murray announced Wednesday. Marlin Steel has a history of adapting its manufacturing technology to meet mar [...]

August 2014 Cyber Pulse: Insights on cybersecurity in Maryland  Jeffrey Wells is Executive Director of Cyber Development and CyberMaryland programs within the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development. He works to maintain and grow the State’s cybersecurity industry through outreach p [...]

August 2014 Insights on Maryland’s economy  Mikra Krasniqi is an economist at the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development. Three industries in Maryland have continued to add jobs over the last year, extending an upward trend that has accelerated since the beginning of the year [...]

August 2014 Bio Pulse: Insights on life sciences in Maryland  Judy Britz, Ph.D. is Executive Director of the BioMaryland Center within the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development. The BioMaryland Center bolsters the State’s life sciences community and connects companies and research [...]

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