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Did you know: Maryland is farm friendly

August 1 | Emily Kimball Pope

It wouldn’t be a Maryland summer without fleshy tomatoes, juicy peaches and steaming hot corn on the cob. Warm weather brings an abundance of fresh local produce to the State. But behind the farm stands are businesses facing unique challenges. Fortunately, the Maryland Department of Business a [...]

Nonprofit arts organizations and programs bring creativity, color and character to dozens of Maryland communities. Governor Martin O’Malley, this week, demonstrated the State’s commitment to these resources, announcing nearly $13.4 million in Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC) grant awar [...]

National Golden Tissue (NGT)—a Hagerstown-based manufacturer of paper towels, napkins and bath and facial tissues—is planning major expansion and the creation of 100 new jobs. Spurring development is funding and assistance from State, federal and local resources. “We are proud to be a manufacturer i [...]

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) may be moving to Maryland, the General Services Administration (GSA) announced on Tuesday. Two Maryland locations, both in Prince George’s County, made the FBI’s shortlist for a new consolidated headquarters. A third potential property is located [...]

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