Support local Black-owned businesses this month

08/27/2020| Samantha Foley

Support local Black-owned businesses this month

08/27/2020 | Samantha Foley

The Maryland Department of Commerce is placing the spotlight on Maryland’s Black-owned businesses during the month of August in honor of National Black Business Month, a national 31-day celebration that shines a light on Black-owned companies, organizations, and businesses. While we highlight these businesses during the month of August, it is important to support Black and minority owned businesses all year long as key parts of Maryland’s economy. Check out our second round of these innovative and inclusive companies.

Building from the ground up

Tereance Moore, of Tereance Moore Consulting, LLC is the brains behind an entrepreneur consulting business that provides development strategies for startups, nonprofits, and existing small businesses. With locations and reach in Frederick and Washington County, their mission is to entrench business owners in a collaborative process aimed at identifying and resolving issues or challenges that may be preventing their company from achieving its fullest potential.

The business works with a variety of clients at every stage of the business life cycle. The company got its start by building relationships through charitable work and offering pro-bono services to women and minority community members looking to transition from employees to entrepreneurs. Growing exponentially since its inception, the company serves as an extension of the client and their employees. Clients benefit from experience, a vast professional network, and are matched with resources to help successfully grow their businesses and leadership.

Tereance and his associates believe in a “pay it forward” type of method. Each business or organization they help succeed is added into their wide networking system in hopes they will one day return the favor to another business in need. To find out more information on Tereance and his consulting business visit their website.

The sweet side

Sweet Eden Bakeshop, located in Anne Arundel County, makes it its mission to spread joy to the community through baked goods. Kendra Eden, the company’s owner, is committed to baking everything from scratch. Kendra and her team use only the finest ingredients sans preservatives; no pre-made cake mixes allowed!

Kendra says the shop’s specialty is their French Macarons. The bakery pumps out eight flavors of these delicious cookies a day. Among other big sellers are their cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, retail cakes, muffins, and cheesecakes, which are Ms. Eden’s favorite. The desserts are baked fresh and flavorful each day without being overly sweet.

The bakery got its start last August and has managed to succeed through the dedicated support of its local customer base. While navigating the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for many in the food service industry, Sweet Eden’s has continued to keep their bakery loaded with sweet treats for everyone to enjoy. Make sure to visit their website or pop in for a treat the next time you’re in Anne Arundel County.

Quality child care

The YOUNGMOVEMINTS Childcare Center, located in St. Mary’s County, moves far past the realm of childcare, focusing on care and early learning as a whole. Elisabeth and Adrian Young are a husband and wife team who have made it their mission to provide the best quality childcare to the families of Southern Maryland. The duo is dedicated to providing a warm and nurturing environment where children feel safe and parents are at ease.

The Youngs began their journey in 2015 through a shared passion for working with children, believing that early care lays the foundation for lifelong learning. Their unique program is centered around offering various activities specifically designed to encourage each child’s growth and developmental milestones. The program and its teachers strive to meet children where they are and provide a rich environment where early learners are supported and challenged to reach their full potential.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought changes and slower enrollment rates for many childcare centers, The YOUNGMOVEMINTS program has embraced these challenges. The center is currently focused on providing more flexible enrollment for families, such as part time enrollment, and are even forming a program for school aged children to aid in virtual learning. The YOUNGMOVEMINTS staff look forward to getting to know their children and families on a personal level each day and are currently offering tours for interested families. For more information on The YOUNGMOVEMINTS Childcare Center, visit their website.

Manufacturing for the pandemic

Delores McKinney of ITOR, Inc. (Baltimore County) has a true entrepreneurial spirit. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she and her team of manufacturers knew exactly what to do. At the start of the pandemic they were struck by the need for proper protective equipment for health care professionals on the front lines. Not being one to sit on the sidelines, Delores and her team sprang into action and set to work manufacturing N95, KN95 and 3 ply Surgical masks.

Through the Maryland Department of Commerce Emergency Relief Manufacturing Fund, ITOR was able to create a manufacturing warehouse capable of producing up to 40 quality PPE masks per minute. The company is currently focused on serving the state of Maryland and the East Coast to help end the shortage of PPE, becoming a PPE manufacturing anchor for the state. Through their dedicated 24-hour round-the-clock work to learn new equipment and manufacturing methods, ITOR, Inc. was able to deliver it first round of masks for the state on August 21.

Delores is grateful to the PPE grant program for the funding received to get this operation off the ground. She also stresses the importance of buying locally produced products and equipment throughout the pandemic in order to help support Maryland’s economy. For more information on ITOR, Inc. visit their website.

Although National Black Business Month only spans the 31-day month of August, it is clear that these Black-owned businesses go above and beyond to serve their communities year-round. Through coming together as Marylanders to create an ongoing system of support for these local businesses and entrepreneurs we can ensure that their efforts are recognized and Maryland’s economy continues to thrive.

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