Contemplating a career move?

Find a Tech Hub You Can Afford to Love

Make your next career move a big one.

From the shift in how (and where) people work during the pandemic, to layoffs at some of the nation’s largest tech companies, it has been a tumultuous few years to work in tech. And if you’re among the many whose work life has been turned upside down in the last few years, you may now be contemplating your next career move.

Life in Maryland

And a Whole Lot More

In Maryland, you won’t just find high paying jobs, affordable living, and stability, you’ll also find a great quality of life.

Thousand of miles of shoreline means endless opportunity for water activities—whether it’s soaking up sun in Ocean City, sailing the Chesapeake Bay, or paddling creeks of Western Maryland. Hiking more your thing? Maryland has mountains too. More on the outdoors in Maryland .

Maryland is one of the most diverse states, with four of the top-10 most culturally diverse cities in the U.S. Maryland’s diverse population brings Marylanders fresh perspectives and amazing cultural experiences.

High household incomes provide a stable foundation for Marylanders. This means more healthful living. With 50 state parks and 18 national parks, getting active time outside is easy. And Marylanders who need access to world-class healthcare have it, thanks to leading hospitals like Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Having one of the most diverse populations in the nation means unique communities are forming all across the state. All the while, every Marylander is part of a greater community – Maryland’s. Here, you’ll enjoy authentic global experiences, inclusive neighbors, and local cultural traditions to explore and enjoy.