Your best life starts in Maryland

01/04/2019| Julie Miller

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Your best life starts in Maryland

01/04/2019 | Julie Miller

We sat down with businesses of all industries and sizes to learn the secrets to their success. We learned a lot about each company, but a resounding theme quickly surfaced: Maryland is a great place to live.

So if you’re a Maryland business owner, have confidence that you’re already in the best place to start a new year. And if you’re not in Maryland, what are you waiting for? Watch our video below to hear why everyone is hooked on Maryland.

Featuring: Delali Dzirasa, Founder & President, Fearless; Jeff Galvin, CEO, American Gene Technologies; Dorothee Heisenberg, Executive Vice President & Founder, Clear Guide Medical; Greg Jones, Vice President of Global Sales & Aftermarket, Sun Automation Group; and Terry Speigner, President & CEO, NGEN.

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