3 ways to grow your defense business with the Maryland Defense Network

05/09/2024| Julie Miller

3 ways to grow your defense business with the Maryland Defense Network

05/09/2024 | Julie Miller

Maryland is home to a robust defense sector. Within the state’s borders are 20 military facilities, supporting chemical and biological defense R&D, military intelligence, cybersecurity, and more. It’s no surprise that Maryland is among the top 10 states in the U.S. when it comes to defense spending.

Surrounding and supporting the local military presence is a deep network of defense contractors, offering a variety of products to support the defense supply chain, as well as providing consulting and other services to the military. To support these businesses, and others looking to break into defense contracting, tools like the Maryland Defense Network (MDN)  are available. MDN, a staple for the Maryland defense industry, is a web portal that helps business leaders connect and research to grow their business.

Here are three ways to use MDN to grow your business in the defense sector:

  1. Discover New Partners & Be Discoverable
    MDN lists more than 3,000 Maryland vendors, which can be filtered by industry sector and location. Small and mid-sized businesses appear in searches conducted by prime defense contractors, gaining exposure and access to subcontracting opportunities. Prime contractors may use the network to develop a pool of potential subcontractors to satisfy contract obligations.
  2. Find Contracting Opportunities
    The MDN integrates federal notices and solicitations, so your company won’t miss out on key opportunities. The MDN also lists expiring contracts that may point you to upcoming opportunities for reevaluation.
  3. Research Spending Trends & Create Reports
    One essential element getting started in defense contracting is understanding key players and how the procurement system works. Leveraging tools within MDN, users can gain a better understanding of Department of Defense obligations and get to know some of the top defense contractors in Maryland. Users can explore these topics through a variety of data points that can be used to create customized reports for their business decision making.

Any business that works in defense contracting, or has an interest in breaking into it, is encouraged to create a free MDN account . Learn more about Maryland’s Office of Military and Federal Affairs .

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