Allegany County launches $2 million investment program

03/02/2022| Allegany County Government

Allegany County launches $2 million investment program

03/02/2022 | Allegany County Government

Guest feature: Follow along with Allegany County's Department of Economic and Community Development  and tourism office .

Allegany County Government is pleased to announce the launch of Invest Allegany , a $2 million investment program split over two years to create long-term economic growth.

The Allegany County Commissioners are allocating these funds from the American Rescue Plan to help accelerate the county’s business community recovery and support redevelopment of the downtown cores of Cumberland and Frostburg, as well as main streets across Allegany County.

The goal of this program is to create long-term value in the county by providing matching grant funds for capital improvement projects. These projects, when complete, will spur new job growth, encourage direct investment, preserve existing community infrastructure, increase the value of commercial and residential units in impacted areas, and ignite entrepreneurship in Allegany County.

Applications are currently being accepted through April 1, 2022.

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