Big Truck Farm Brewery plans new operations on Eastern Shore

04/10/2023| Amanda Winters

Big Truck Farm Brewery plans new operations on Eastern Shore

04/10/2023 | Amanda Winters

A new tourist destination located just over the Bay Bridge is looking to make a big splash with residents and vacationers alike.

Fermentation tanks inside the Queenstown brewhouse

Fermentation tanks inside the Queenstown brewhouse

Big Truck Farm Brewery , a prominent member of the Baltimore County beer scene, is expanding its footprint with a new facility on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Positioned opposite the Queenstown Outlets on Route 50, the brewery has completed construction on its 7,000 square-foot production brewhouse and recently received the building permit for its taproom, which is anticipated to open by spring 2024.

But what made the brewery expand from the Baltimore region to Queen Anne’s County?

“I love farm communities and the Wye River—my brother and I would go crabbing there. One day I just want to be [living] out here,“ said Kip Fulks, owner of Big Truck and former Under Armour executive.

“My grandparents met in New York City and moved to Easton, and then St. Michaels. On my mom’s side, my uncles were watermen and contractors in the area,” said Fulks. “It’s a big family full of entrepreneurs and Eastern Shore ties.”

After Under Armour went public in 2005, the sportswear company co-founder took his earnings and purchased his farms in Baltimore and Queen Anne’s counties. Before leaving the company in 2017, he began selling hops grown on his Parkton farmland, and realized the ultimate end goal.

“We needed our own beer brand,” said Fulks. And with that, Big Truck was born.

Fulks and his team opened the first Big Truck location in Parkton  in 2020, where they now grow 16,000 plants (mostly grain and hops) for Maryland-made beer. They have already started growing grain at the second location in Queenstown  and plan to plant hops in the near future.

“The sandy soils of the Eastern Shore are great for growing grain,” said Fulks.

A Big Truck beer can surrounded by brewing equipment

Big Truck believes being located along Route 50 could make a world of difference for its company and the region. The Queenstown brewery will accommodate 300 customers – roughly the same amount as Parkton – and expects to add between 30 and 50 part-time jobs in the community.

“The beach traffic could be a game changer,” said Fulks. “We will have seasonal beers, and specialty beers especially for the shore. We want to play up the coastal theme.”

Not only does Big Truck want to compete with the “best of the best” breweries, it also wants to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. After looking at the industry’s competition in Oregon and California, the company knew it had to ramp up its distribution and marketing efforts.

“My job is to make our brand familiar,” said Fulks, who wants Big Truck to stand out from popular brands like Dogfish Head and Budweiser. “If you’re going to create jobs, help communities, and enhance economic development, you have to grow.”

The company has started working with multiple Budweiser distributors and currently has a presence in every Maryland county and Baltimore City. Additionally, more than 600 stores and 300 bars and restaurants currently carry Big Truck—with the brewery recently expanding outside of Maryland and now being sold in Pa., W.Va., Va., and Del.

Following the success of Parkton’s bingo and trivia nights, Fulks would like to see the Queenstown location host game nights for those in the area. The brewery also plans on having food trucks, providing more options for visitors and their families.

“In Parkton, we work with local PTAs, veteran organizations, the SPCA, and other groups who are looking for a place to hold events, which is a win/win for supporting the community and forming local partnerships,” said Fulks. “We are hoping for the same in Queenstown.”

In the meantime, while construction continues at the new location, Big Truck will provide carry-out items for customers beginning in May.

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