Business booms at Maryland’s Tradepoint Atlantic

02/28/2022| Amanda Winters

Business booms at Maryland’s Tradepoint Atlantic

02/28/2022 | Amanda Winters

Tradepoint Atlantic’s list of tenants continues growing, with two additional companies announcing expansions at the global logistics hub .

Intralox, a Louisiana-based conveyor belt manufacturing company, announced this month that it is expanding its U.S. operations  by leasing a new facility in Baltimore County. The 310,000 square-foot location will help grow the company’s East Coast presence and is its third expansion in the region over the last three years.

In 2019, Intralox consolidated three of its Maryland-based locations  into one facility in Anne Arundel County, where it has since expanded with additional square-footage. The company has experienced national and global growth over the last decade.

“Another exciting expansion in Baltimore is not only attributed to the global growth in e-commerce and parcel handling but should also be attributed to the hard work and innovation of our people,” said Derek Lester, Intralox’s logistics and material handling business unit manager. “We look forward to growing our team in the Baltimore area.”

New Jersey’s East Coast Warehouse & Distribution also recently announced plans to build a 175,000 square-foot warehouse  at Tradepoint Atlantic to increase productivity and delivery speed to customers throughout the Mid Atlantic region. The facility, which will conduct FDA and USDA inspections on site, is expected to be operational by June.

Last year, East Coast Warehouse acquired Temp-Distribution of Maryland , a local temperature-controlled transportation and warehousing provider. That purchase – combined with this month’s announcement – provides the company with adequate space to expand its footprint in Maryland, as well as the resources needed to grow its customer base in the East Coast market.

“We’re thankful to our partners at Tradepoint and the Port of Baltimore who helped us make a smooth transition into the Baltimore market,” said East Coast Warehouse CEO Jamie Overley.

These announcements arrive after the grand opening of the BMW distribution center at Tradepoint Atlantic earlier this month. Together, the three projects are expected to spur significant economic activity and job creation in the state.

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