Cecil County manufacturer pioneers with plastic products

09/05/2023| Amanda Winters

Cecil County manufacturer pioneers with plastic products

09/05/2023 | Amanda Winters

Working with the manufacturing; food processing; pulp and paper; military; and aerospace sectors requires a variety of skill sets, but one Cecil County company has a product that is essential to each industry.

Fluoron , located in Elkton, Md., is a provider of custom fluoropolymer solutions and advanced coatings. Fluoropolymers are performance plastics known for having strong carbon-fluoride bonds, which allow them to easily withstand heat, chemicals, electricity, and more.

Confused? Think of the nonstick frying pan in your kitchen cabinet. This pan’s coating is a type of fluoropolymer that evenly distributes heat throughout the pan, allowing you to cook and clean up sticky foods with ease.

Fluoron produces fluoropolymer products with similar capabilities to a nonstick pan, including commercial nonstick coatings; tank liners used to store and transport food; heat shrinkable covers used in the aerospace industry to insulate cables and other components; and radiant cleaning systems used in the paper manufacturing process, among others.

“We specialize in designing and producing custom solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers, leveraging our extensive experience, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to excellence,” said David Griffin, marketing manager at Fluoron.

Formed in 1988, Fluoron credits its strategic Mid Atlantic location as one of the many benefits of doing business in Maryland. Griffin tells us that by locating in Elkton – situated between Baltimore and Philadelphia, with access to major transportation routes – the company has a competitive advantage in shipping its products both domestically and internationally.

"In addition, Maryland's highly skilled workforce and strong support system for businesses have been invaluable resources in our growth and success," said Griffin.

Earlier this year, Fluoron utilized the state’s ExportMD grant to cover a portion of its travel costs for Avalon 2023, an Australian International Airshow and Aerospace and Defense Expo that it attended as part of the Maryland Department of Commerce’s delegation.

“This prestigious grant helped enable us to accelerate our expansion into the aerospace industry, which is a strategic objective for our company,” said Griffin. “We were honored to leverage this grant to further our business goals and enhance our overall competitiveness in the global marketplace.”

To help with its expansion into the aerospace industry, Fluoron is growing its footprint right here in Maryland. The company recently acquired a new 40,000 square-foot manufacturing facility which will allow it to evolve into a cutting-edge facility while tripling its workforce over the next decade. Fluoron currently employs approximately 20 workers in Elkton and believes its growth will benefit its production capabilities as well as its valued customers.

“We are undertaking a modernization effort at our newly acquired facility,” said Griffin. “We recently obtained ISO-9001 certification, which is a critical step towards achieving our strategic objectives. These efforts – along with other upgrades – will enable us to optimize our operations and enhance our profitability while offering exceptional turnaround times and best-in-class customer service.”

In addition to its new facility, the company has also secured four acres of land to accommodate future expansion plans.

“Having been longtime residents of Maryland and actively engaged members of our community for several decades, we are committed to contributing to the economic growth and success of our local community and the entire state,” said Griffin. “We are thrilled to be a Maryland-based company and look forward to continuing to grow and invest in the state.”

To learn more about the company, visit fluoron.com .

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