Columbia cyber company aims to enhance national security

10/07/2021| Amanda Winters

Columbia cyber company aims to enhance national security

10/07/2021 | Amanda Winters

Have you given any thought to how safe the documents you send and receive are? Sharing this information may not seem like a big deal to most people—but to a company like Nteligen , mitigating the risk and educating others about the risk is at its core.

From emails to presentations to PDF files, these items can be used to hold malicious content, leading to cyber attacks and data theft of financials, personal information, and passwords.

As a cybersecurity engineering and solutions company, Nteligen (pronounced “en-tell-eh-gen”) designs resilient solutions to reduce the risk of information sharing across government agencies and commercial clients alike. That means every entity – from a small business of 30 employees to the U.S. Air Force – needs solutions to mitigate their risks.

The company’s trademark security philosophy of ProActive Cyber Threat Mitigation™ (PACTM) helps customers identify what’s valuable in their data; understand their risk tolerance against damage to or loss of valuable data; and implement methods to reduce risk. PACTM helps customers think ahead of the hacker's next move, limiting harm or loss should a cyber attack occur.

Nteligen’s solutions keep data sharing safe and secure between networks, especially when working with sensitive material. This means every step when sharing information – between colleagues, clients, partners, or other organizations – is secure and protects confidentiality, by only sharing information known to be good.

“Enterprise security doesn’t start by researching security tools; but rather, it starts by identifying what needs protection,” said Joseph Karolchik, president of Nteligen.

While working with customers, Nteligen tries to help them better understand their risk tolerance. Consider the following questions – What’s important that can’t afford to be lost? What would cause real damage to the organization or threaten national security? And, how much would it cost if that information was lost, stolen, or leaked?

Since launching its business a decade ago, Nteligen has expanded its portfolio with help from both state and federal government.

In 2018, the company received support from the Maryland Defense Diversification Assistance (MDDA) Program, managed by the Maryland Department of Commerce, with assistance from the Maryland Technology Development Corporation . Funded by an Industry Resilience grant from the Department of Defense, MDDA was one of many initiatives led by Maryland Commerce to help Maryland’s defense-dependent companies find additional ways to grow their business, generate revenue, and find new opportunities.

For Nteligen, the services provided by the MDDA program allowed the company to conceptualize and explore a new idea now known as the Ntegrity Center, a concept that helps identify new business opportunities and add value to customers’ operations. The Center provides product assessment and enhancement services to its clients, while also supporting technology advancement efforts that promote thought leadership in information security. By focusing its attention on developing new services that leverage its specialties in engineering, cybersecurity research, and secure software development, Nteligen has established a growing pipeline of projects with new and existing customers.

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