Frostburg to develop clean energy microgrid in Maryland

07/25/2022| Amanda Winters

Frostburg to develop clean energy microgrid in Maryland

07/25/2022 | Amanda Winters

With help from a $750,000 state grant, Frostburg State University will install a clean energy microgrid to boost sustainability goals and provide safety during emergency situations.

The funding comes from the Maryland Energy Administration’s Resilient Maryland Capital Development Pilot Program , with the university being the first recipient of the program.

According to MEA, the microgrid will safeguard critical operations from energy disruptions and integrate an emergency shelter for the surrounding community . After installing the microgrid on campus, Frostburg State University will designate one building as an emergency facility, which will be available to the Western Maryland community during disaster situations. Several upgrades will be implemented across campus to facilitate the microgrid, including solar panels, a fuel cell, and more.

Meeting the growing energy needs of a prosperous state while protecting its environment is a big challenge, but Maryland has what it takes. The project is expected to boost career opportunities, workforce training, and economic development throughout the region.

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