Governor Hogan celebrates fiber broadband expansions in Charles and Caroline counties

06/10/2021| Samantha Foley

Governor Hogan celebrates fiber broadband expansions in Charles and Caroline counties

06/10/2021 | Samantha Foley

Governor Larry Hogan recently visited Caroline and Charles counties to celebrate the expansion of fiber broadband services. The Governor attended a ribbon cutting ceremony for the first connection to Choptank Fiber broadband internet in Caroline County and the groundbreaking of a major broadband expansion project for the residents of Charles County, reaffirming the administration’s commitment to expanding access to high-speed internet across the state.

In April, Governor Hogan approved the Digital Connectivity Act of 2021, which renamed the Office of Rural Broadband to the Office of Statewide Broadband within the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). The office is responsible for administering $300 million in federal funding that will be put toward expanding the state’s broadband network.

“The sudden shift to teleworking, telehealth, and distance learning that we have seen over the past year during the COVID-19 pandemic has further demonstrated that high-speed internet access is a critical lifeline for students, families, and small businesses,” said Governor Hogan. “Our goal is clear: to ensure that every single Marylander has access to high-speed internet in every corner of the state, and achieving that goal depends on the collaboration of both public and private sector partners just like we see here today."

The governor is currently traveling the state to highlight Maryland infrastructure projects, learn more about the Digital Connectivity Act.

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