Hiatus Cheesecake provides a tasty break from the usual

11/17/2022| Samantha Foley

Hiatus Cheesecake provides a tasty break from the usual

11/17/2022 | Samantha Foley

Baltimore-based Hiatus Cheesecake  hand bakes desserts that according to some, are like a vacation for your mouth. With a variety of uncommon and delicious flavors such as Sweet Potato Fantasy, Corn and Berry, Caramel Carrot, Mojito, Bourbon Poached Peach, and more, it’s no wonder Hiatus Cheesecake and its vendors have trouble keeping them on the shelves.

What started as a home baking expedition has turned into a lucrative business that has spread up and down the East Coast, and the business is only growing. Owner Matthew Featherstone grew up baking at home with his mother, who would bake fresh treats every day and sparked Matthew’s interest in baking. It wasn’t before long Matthew developed a personal love of baking, and most importantly, cheesecake.

Image of Matthew Featherstone, Owner and CEO of Hiatus Cheesecake

Matthew Featherstone, Owner and CEO of Hiatus Cheesecake

Matthew began bringing his cheesecake creations to special events, gatherings, and family reunions where the treats were always a hit. His love of baking quickly transitioned into a 16 year long career in the restaurant industry, where he began introducing his cheesecakes to his colleagues. Unsurprisingly, the light and fluffy treats were a hit and quickly led Matthew to the decision of introducing his cheesecakes to the public.

Matthew’s one-man-show quickly grew to a six-person baking, packaging, logistics and marketing team, located within Baltimore’s Bmore Kitchen , a co-working space dedicated to providing food entrepreneurs with the space and resources needed to grow their business and share their products. Hiatus quickly broke into the wholesale industry, landing opportunities with big names such as Whole Foods, with products available at every store location in the Baltimore area. The company also grew to expand to areas such as Vienna, VA and Philadelphia, PA, where the tasty treats are currently live on UberEats, DoorDash, and Grub Hub. The company even landed a spot in heavyweight retail company Kroger’s  business accelerator program.

Image of Hiatus Sweet Potato Fantasy Cheesecake

Hiatus, Sweet Potato Fantasy Cheesecake

Hiatus has also worked on gearing the business toward the community, making its products and business more accessible while contributing toward community fundraisers. Just within the last month the company has partnered with Honeycomb Credit  to begin a community investment program, making investments in the Hiatus company easy and accessible to the public. Hiatus has even partnered with local schools, like Watershed Public Charter School, for a “Forks to Funds”  fundraiser program, where students, teachers, staff and community members can purchase these delicious cheesecakes for a good cause!

Despite Hiatus’ recent success, the company still remains down to earth, focused on perfecting its recipes and baking everything in-house.

“Our mission at Hiatus is to channel all our love and energy into perfecting our cheesecake recipes. We are driven to produce a flawless recipe, taking the time to perfect each and every ingredient in our cheesecakes. Everything from the cookies, cakes, and toppings that compliment our cheesecakes, to the products being packaged and sent out the door happens right here in Baltimore, where we strive to reach an unparalleled standard.”
— Matthew Featherstone, CEO and Founder, Hiatus Cheesecake

Hiatus does hope to eventually expand its operations and some new products along with it, but for now the company says it is focused on doing what it does best: serving up the best cheesecake around. To get your hands on one of these delicious treats, swing by any of the company’s retail locations, or you can track them down at various events, festivals, and farmers markets throughout the Mid Atlantic. With the holiday season right around the corner, be sure to put your order in! Take a break and treat yourself to a well deserved “hiatus.”

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