How the 2020 Census affects Maryland businesses

02/04/2020| Amanda Winters

How the 2020 Census affects Maryland businesses

02/04/2020 | Amanda Winters

From easing work commutes to natural disaster responses, your community counts in the 2020 Census.

Here in Maryland, we are asking businesses to encourage employees, customers, and surrounding communities to fill out their census forms. An accurate count of all Marylanders will help the state receive necessary federal funding for programs and resources – from Western Maryland to the Eastern Shore – and everywhere in between.

Businesses can benefit from the 2020 Census in a number of ways. The data collected, including household size and income levels, helps local businesses understand their customer base and adjust pricing strategies. It can also help companies select an ideal location, leading to more economic development projects throughout the region.

Additionally, census information impacts funding for education, workforce development training, and transportation infrastructure—all things that impact our careers, as well as our communities, throughout the state.

Did you know that Maryland lost nearly $1 billion in federal assistance during the 2010 Census? According to the Maryland Department of Planning, every resident not counted in the census costs the state more than $18,000 over a 10-year period. Collected information is kept confidential and used for statistical purposes only. Don’t miss out on benefitting your state by submitting your census online, by phone, or in the mail on April 1.

The 2020 Census also provides great opportunities for job seekers. According to WBAL, the Census Bureau is trying to fill 2,000 positions in Maryland by April. The Census recruiting website touts competitive wages and flexible hours.

For help promoting the 2020 Census at your business, click here. To learn more, visit the Maryland Department of Planning or the Maryland Census 2020 homepage.

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