Maryland Commerce programs support nearly 10,000 jobs

02/02/2024| Amanda Winters

Maryland Commerce programs support nearly 10,000 jobs

02/02/2024 | Amanda Winters

With help from a variety of state finance programs and tax incentives, thousands of jobs were created and retained during the last fiscal year.

The results were recently announced in the Maryland Department of Commerce’s 2023 Consolidated Incentives Performance Report , which recaps more than two dozen programs administered by the agency.

Companies reported 9,725 direct jobs as a result of utilizing nine different departmental programs. Overall, more than 14,400 jobs were supported by Commerce when looking at direct, indirect, and induced jobs numbers.

“With help from Commerce’s finance and tax credit programs, we are adding new jobs, retaining existing jobs, and providing workforce training resources when needed. In partnership, we will continue our efforts to build new pathways to work, wages, and wealth for all,” said Governor Wes Moore.

More than 780 business recipients utilized the department’s programs over the year, investing nearly $166 million of private capital into projects across the state.

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