Maryland’s James Webb Telescope team opens our eye on universe

07/12/2022| Jim Meyer

Maryland’s James Webb Telescope team opens our eye on universe

07/12/2022 | Jim Meyer

Maryland may be a little state, but we’ve got the biggest view in the galaxy. The James Webb Telescope and its unbelievable eye may be floating a million miles from Earth, but it was born here at Greenbelt’s NASA Goddard Space Flight Center , and its brain is in Baltimore at the Space Telescope Science Institute .

Located in the century-old and stylishly reimagined Rotunda complex , a rocketship ride from the Webb’s lagrange point, but just a short stroll from Johns Hopkins University campus, the team of Marylanders running the most advanced astrological instrument on or off the planet have just released the farthest deep space images in human history  as they begin peeling back the mysteries of the universe. Of course, it’s no mystery why NASA Goddard, STScI, and many tech-focused companies call Maryland home.

Maryland is the #1 state for technology and science workforce with the highest proportion of employed PhDs in science and engineering . From space to cyber to medicine and more, Maryland is home to the industries that are shaping our world with a talent base working with one foot in the future.

If you’re looking to build your business and travel roads that don’t even exist yet, you don’t need the James Webb Telescope to see why Maryland is right for you. Come to Maryland, the only place where you can explore the Chesapeake Bay and the Milky Way on the very same day.

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