Nordic Unmanned settles into new North American HQ in Baltimore County

12/06/2022| Samantha Foley

Nordic Unmanned settles into new North American HQ in Baltimore County

12/06/2022 | Samantha Foley

From housing one of the nation’s top airports at BWI , to our defense and military  assets, to aviation science programs  across the state, it’s no wonder Maryland has become a hot-bed for aircraft advancement. The state’s ongoing investments in aviation is what ultimately led Norwegian-based Nordic Unmanned to establish its first North American headquarters in our state this summer , opening a new subsidiary in Sparks.

Founded in 2014, Nordic Unmanned is a global leader of drone services and solutions that has been taking the unmanned aircraft industry by storm. With a growing presence that can be found throughout Europe, the company has become an international benchmark for drone regulation and production. The company now hopes to spread its wings even farther by using its newest Baltimore County subsidiary to tap into the growing North American market. Tim “T3” Tenne, a former Naval Academy graduate, US Air Force Officer, leader, pilot and longtime aviation executive, has been charged with the task of getting the North American headquarters “off the ground” as its new CEO.

“The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). Maryland has some of the best qualifications needed for refining and marketing our products to the North American market,” said Tenne. “With the state’s proximity to partners, customers, test and operations sites, technical talent, and federal agencies; this partnership is sure to position both Maryland and Nordic Unmanned as a global role-model for the drone industry.”

Those “endless possibilities” are what sets Nordic Unmanned apart from the rest. While those outside of the unmanned aircraft sector may associate drones as strictly being used for aviation purposes like package delivery or video surveillance, Nordic Unmanned uses its products to go far beyond typical uses. The company has used its innovative edge to produce railway drones or “rovers” that don’t fly, but instead inspect train tracks for safety; search and rescue drones, that help save lives of people in imminent danger; and emission monitoring drones, which help to test emissions of ships for various ports or maritime authorities, while simultaneously saving manpower and helping the environment.

This only begins to scratch the surface of what Nordic Unmanned can do. The company recently created aviation history by executing a long range offshore drone delivery  by using a cargo drone to deliver goods. Nordic Unmanned takes pride in operating its UAS at airline levels, which allows for the safe and on point execution of drone activities—even long range. Tenne says that although the airline industry is one of the most highly regulated industries in the world, the regulations sometimes fall short when it comes to unmanned aircrafts.

“Here at Nordic Unmanned, we believe in professional aviation and consider ourselves to be far more than just a ‘drone company.’ We are well versed in the protocols needed to maintain operational safety while in the air or on the ground,” said Tenne. “Working in partnership with agencies such as the Federal Aviation Administration to develop and refine unmanned aircraft standards, our goal is to integrate UAS and manned aviation without compromising the high level of safety achieved over the past thirty years in our industry. This unlocks the true potential of increasing safety, efficiency, and sustainability in utilizing drones in multiple verticals.”

Nordic Unmanned is continuing to take flight across the world as the leading supplier of drone solutions and hopes to eventually use its new headquarters as leverage to expand even further across North America. With a solid and knowledgeable team of aviation experts, a growing market industry, and pristine safety protocols, Nordic Unmanned is sure to continue flying high.

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