Ocean City resort thrives with summer tourism traffic

07/25/2016| Curran McSwigan

Ocean City resort thrives with summer tourism traffic

07/25/2016 | Curran McSwigan

Francis Scott Key Family Resort is a sprawling family-friendly resort with 232 rooms, a mini-golf course, water park, diner and other exciting attractions. Family-owned and operated, the resort is currently run by Jim and Annemarie DickersonAnnemarie's father originally purchased the property in 1972. Back then, the expansive resort had only 60 rooms and was surrounded by corn fields in the underdeveloped part of West Ocean City, but there was great potential for growth and success.

The beauty of the resort is in the small details, like an old concrete stamp in the fireplace that details the original year of construction, and animal-shaped towels that are carefully constructed for younger guests to ensure a joyful end to the day. The amazing staff at the resort makes this sort of magic happen behind the scenes. Their dedication is what keeps the facility running so seamlessly, with many of them logging decades of employment with the resort.

"We couldn't accomplish anything without them," said owner Annemarie in regards to her exceptional team. The commitment and attentiveness of the staff drives the development of the resort.

Mario Armstrong, award-winning talk show host, convinced the family to change the name to Francis Scott Key Family Resort because it offered so much more than the average hotel experience. While FSK continues to expand with eight new vacation homes set to open next summer, the focus remains on preserving tradition and providing high-quality amenities.

Ocean City is the epitome of convenience for vacation goers, with 25% of the nation's population within a seven hour drive. The city has numerous attractions, great shopping, delicious dining options, and hotels popping up each year to accommodate the growing number of visitors. Ocean City was always a popular vacation destination, but the growth of businesses in the city has boosted traffic over the bridge into West Ocean City, which previously was more disconnected from the main part of town. The booming business development in the area drives visitors to all ends of OC and hotels like Francis Scott Key Resort offer an accessibility to the beach and boardwalk that cannot be beat.

Ocean City is a driving force in Maryland's tourism industry, providing attractions for all types of visitors with free events – like fireworks or movies – on the beach. "The town does a great job at keeping vacationing affordable," said Annemarie. While Ocean City has its obstacles as a seasonal tourist destination, Maryland has provided resources to assist business owners' success.

"Governor Hogan understands the importance of tourism in Maryland, as it is one of the state's strongest industries," said Annemarie.

The resort was recently named one of the top family resorts in the nation by Trip Advisor, a testament to the thriving success of both the hotel and Ocean City as a whole. The FSK team creates a one-of-a-kind experience which will keep visitors flocking to the beach destination for years to come.

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