Oprah gives Maryland, and Governor Wes Moore, a glowing endorsement

01/19/2023| Julie Miller

Oprah gives Maryland, and Governor Wes Moore, a glowing endorsement

01/19/2023 | Julie Miller

Oprah is known for her annual list of favorite things. And while a state has never made the list, after yesterday's speech at Governor Wes Moore's inauguration, we all now know how Oprah feels about Maryland.

During her introduction of Governor Wes Moore, Oprah, a former Marylander herself, remarked how special Maryland is, and echoed these sentiments on Facebook later in the day .

Maryland is something special. A place where so many others have done, and will do, what I did: Plant the seeds of their wildest dreams, and watch them grow into reality. Maryland is full to the brim of opportunity. That was true back then as it is now.
— Oprah

Governor Moore is the first Black governor in Maryland's history, and only the third Black governor to be elected in the country.

“I know that, with Wes Moore as your governor, Maryland’s best days lie ahead,” Oprah said when introducing Moore.

At just 22 years old, Oprah moved to Baltimore to co-anchor WJZ-TV's 6 o'clock news. She ended up living in the state for eight years.

“When I moved to Maryland, I had no idea really who I was, or what an Oprah was,” she said during the inauguration speech. “But I will tell you something: Maryland is where I figured it out.”

Head to Oprah’s website  to read more and watch the full inauguration speech.

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