Organic Remedies selects Allegany County for first Maryland location

12/04/2023| Allegany County Economic and Community Development

Organic Remedies selects Allegany County for first Maryland location

12/04/2023 | Allegany County Economic and Community Development

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After recently receiving operations approval from the Maryland Cannabis Administration in June, staff and stakeholders with cannabis processor Organic Remedies Maryland  say they are optimistic about the company’s potential in their new Cumberland location.

Organic Remedies operates multiple dispensary locations throughout Pennsylvania and a well-established laboratory. However, their Allegany County processing center marks their inaugural expansion into Maryland. The Cumberland facility's Laboratory Director, Jordan Medeiros, affirms the company's commitment to offering high-quality and cost-effective cannabis products to medical and recreational consumers.

“We focus on approaching cannabis processing from more of a pharmaceutical angle,” says Medeiros. “Our manufacturing practices and layout mimic that of a pharmaceutical company. I have a background in materials science with Dow Chemical, so we run a fairly tight ship. We emphasize scientific research and due diligence.”

Washington, D.C.-based Abdo Development leases the Cumberland facility from Allegany County. Abdo’s Chief Operating Officer Gordon Buist says they saw tremendous potential in Organic Remedies.

“From our perspective, Organic Remedies brought a lot that’s important for the industry and the county,” Buist explains. “We felt that they had the utmost respect for the business, and their team, knowledge, quality of the product, and technical expertise are all top-notch.”

Buist says they began looking for a location for Organic Remedies Maryland in 2020. When searching for the laboratory’s site, Buist says, Allegany County’s industrial capabilities and capable workforce stood out.

“We found that Allegany County’s economic processes, including economic development, permitting, and licensing, were all very streamlined. Jeff Barclay, Nathan Price, and the entire economic development team were very supportive,” Buist says. “We were also encouraged by the county’s mission to move forward economically and the existence of the cannabis industry in the county. Those favorable impressions have proven correct as we’ve worked through the process of opening.”

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