Thousands of jobs supported by Maryland Commerce's programs

02/16/2022| Amanda Winters

Thousands of jobs supported by Maryland Commerce's programs

02/16/2022 | Amanda Winters

A new report shows that nearly 17,000 direct jobs were created and retained during fiscal year 2021 with help from the Maryland Department of Commerce's finance and tax credit programs.

The report – which is required to be submitted yearly – reviews each program on how it is meeting the objectives of the department. Additionally, the report contains estimates on the number of jobs created; the number of jobs retained; the estimated amount of state revenue generated; and any additional information by each program and each recipient.

Overall, nearly 40,000 direct, indirect, and induced jobs are supported by Maryland Commerce’s programs, when totaling each of the report’s “total jobs” charts together.

When looking at the state’s key industry sectors, the manufacturing sector created and retained the most jobs in FY 2021 with nearly 12,000 reported, spurred by various programs.

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