Explore Harford County through the lens of the Discovery Center

01/08/2024| Samantha Foley

Explore Harford County through the lens of the Discovery Center

01/08/2024 | Samantha Foley

Along the Route 40 corridor in Belcamp sits a new center for education and hands-on learning in Harford County. The Discovery Center at Water’s Edge  is the culmination of months of hard work, led by a passionate team of people, with the goal of helping Maryland learners rediscover all of the educational enrichment opportunities Harford County has to offer.

What started as a way to foster community outreach in an educational capacity has turned into a chance to highlight the rich history Harford County provides in military defense, STEM, and the environment. At the Discovery Center at Water's Edge, visitors are immediately met with historic images of Aberdeen Proving Ground and opportunities to build, play and learn with science and technology, all set with the perfect backdrop of the Bush River, which funnels directly into the Chesapeake Bay.

The team of organizers at the Discovery Center have utilized Harford County’s background as the inspiration for the entire facility. Among the exhibits and installations, you’ll find that something as simple as a propeller and a balloon is actually a lesson in flight and aeronautics, similar to the testing concepts used at Aberdeen Proving Ground . A lifted sandbox, illuminated by the light from an interactive topographical map, shows the effects that rain, temperature, climate, and movement can have on Maryland’s delicate ecosystem.

Adult and young learners alike are encouraged to roll up their sleeves at each exhibit and get involved. The Discovery Center strives to foster a sense of community behind its doors, and although the facility is still very much in preliminary opening phases, it has hit the ground running by tapping into all the potential the community has to share.

“The Discovery Center at Water's Edge finds an ideal setting in the Harford County area. Surrounded by a top-notch school system, local government support, proximity to Aberdeen Proving Ground, and access to advanced environmental services and research, the potential for growth and meaningful partnerships is boundless,” said Nikki Snyder, executive director of the Discovery Center.

The scenic Bush River in Harford County.

In a short span of time, the facility has already managed to form close partnerships with various local agencies and businesses such as the Harford County and City of Aberdeen governments, APG-FCU , Waters Edge Event Center , SURVICE Engineering , and Energetics Technology Center . The Discovery Center has even used these partnerships to form the Magic of Science Fair and Family Festival , held at Harford Community College  last year. The annual festival attracts thousands of families, adults and children to enjoy hands-on games and experiments, presentations from real scientists, and more. The festival has been so well attended, the facility hopes to use its potential as an ongoing fundraising opportunity.

To learn more, visit discoverycentermd.org .

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