How Legacy Exhibits adapted to stay afloat

04/15/2024| Anna Mishonova

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How Legacy Exhibits adapted to stay afloat

04/15/2024 | Anna Mishonova

The tradeshow season is in full swing, and companies across the country are busy developing the most eye-catching installations and booth designs. Howard County company Legacy Exhibits is no exception, working hard to create and set up displays for a variety of clients all across the state.

A tradeshow booth with mannequin wearing military uniform

One of Legacy Exhibits' installations for Avon Protection

However, it wasn’t long ago the company had to pivot and adapt quickly to a new reality of pandemic restrictions. With conferences and exhibitions postponed indefinitely to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Legacy Exhibits found a new niche to keep the business afloat.

“Everything in those early days [of COVID] was changing so quickly,” remembered Pat Shek, partner at Legacy Exhibits. “We started just using common sense really. For example, if a business had a client-facing reception desk, we covered the entire front with a plex barrier to provide separation and protection. Then as guidelines changed, we modified what was needed based on client requests.”

Creating COVID protective barriers soon became in high demand and led to an influx of new customers. Working with the state of Maryland, Legacy Exhibits provided partitions for COVID testing sites and hospital units. Shek’s favorite partnership through the company’s pandemic journey was with Northern Pharmacy, a store that has been in business for more than 80 years and is very important to him and the Northern Baltimore community. The pharmacy installed Legacy’s protective barriers to help with social distancing at its two locations.

Shek considers the pharmacy a great demonstration of Legacy Exhibits’ main strength: attention to its clients. “The biggest thing we notice is our clients being drawn to our excellent customer service. Many value our insight and our experience, and consider us an extension of their team,” he said.

A tradeshow booth with a wall of green leaves, four TV screens, and words "Unleash your welding potential"

An installation done by Legacy Exhibits

With COVID protocols on the decline, the company has recently been able to return to its roots creating and setting up displays.

“We are 100 percent back to in-person live events again, just like before,” said Shek. “We can create anything from a simple table throw or banner-up to a 100’ x 100’ large tradeshow booth. Our employees are used to dealing with different applications and hardware—but our end goal is always to complete a good installation which meets the clients needs. That is keeping us very busy!”

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