Mouth Party Caramel is spreading its sweetness nationwide

09/27/2021| Samantha Foley

Mouth Party Caramel is spreading its sweetness nationwide

09/27/2021 | Samantha Foley

As the team over at Mouth Party Caramel  would say, its products are “Made in Maryland, With Love.” Although the company’s gourmet and deliciously sweet treats are sold in hundreds of locations across the U.S., its owners are still proud of the company’s Maryland roots.

The business first got its start in 2007 using an old family recipe for vanilla caramel. Today, the company produces more than a million caramels annually from its facility in Timonium, and is experiencing steady growth with both wholesale and retail sales, putting its caramels in the hands of people across the country.

But getting to this success point wasn’t easy. The company was originally located in Parkville and quickly outgrew the location. When planning to move to a production facility in Baltimore City, they were faced with devastating losses, when the facility was plagued with flooding. Mouth Party Caramel chose to move to higher ground, leading them to partner with Merritt Companies , a property management and development company, to find a new brick and mortar home.

So far in 2021, the business has manufactured more than 1.14 million individually wrapped pieces of caramel, on top of other specialty products including caramel sauce and seasonal specialty products. And over the last few years, Mouth Party Caramel has added hundreds of retailers through strategic partnerships with sales agencies and e-commerce platforms. The company currently works with more than 700 retailers in 40 states.

“We are very proud to be Made in Maryland. As transplants from the West Coast, my husband and I have experienced firsthand how our local community engages, markets, and supports local businesses,” said B.G. Purcell, founder of Mouth Party Caramel. “Our dedicated and hard-working crew, our generous and committed investors, and our loyal customers all play a part in the success of Mouth Party Caramel.”

Mouth Party Caramel has truly tapped into the Maryland business community, forming partnerships within our state and beyond, spreading its sweetness nationwide.

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