Veteran biz provides battle tested security services to national events

05/31/2023| Samantha Foley

Veteran biz provides battle tested security services to national events

05/31/2023 | Samantha Foley

Casey Holliday is well known throughout Maryland as someone the community can depend on. But like many veterans, after returning home and transitioning from military service overseas, Casey faced challenges when reentering the workforce. An entire career spent training to protect suddenly felt foreign to him while living in Harford County.

But Casey is used to overcoming obstacles, and it didn’t take long for an opportunity to present itself that would allow him to continue serving his community and country.

While bartending at a local music festival, the promoter knew of Casey’s background in the United States Marine Corps, so he approached Casey to consult on the public safety of the event. Casey, using his training and intuition, made several recommendations that would drastically improve many aspects of the event and was hired as the security director on the spot to implement changes. Inspired by his own transition to civilian life, Casey set to work, building a company centered around supporting veterans while providing a hospitable approach to event security—and in 2016, Battle Tested Security  was formed.

Image of BTW, Owner and Founder, Casey Holliday

Casey Holliday, Owner, Battle Tested Security

In March 2021, Battle Tested Security welcomed the opportunity to relaunch under new COVID-conscious protocols. The company safely found ways to operate socially-distanced live entertainment events like music festivals and drive-in concerts while maintaining a safe environment for patrons.

As of 2023, Battle Tested Security has grown to employ more than 500 veterans nationwide. The company has provided hospitable people movement and security services all across the country, from Detroit to Philly and from NASCAR Races to the famous Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.

Throughout the company’s rapid expansion, the concept of supporting veterans transitioning out of military service has remained key. Battle Tested Security is especially focused on solving the veteran unemployment problem while providing a familiar environment of camaraderie and structure. Casey and his team work tirelessly to partner with various military installations and nonprofits, and together, they work to connect veterans with workforce training opportunities, career advancement, Veterans Affairs resources, and more, helping veterans overcome their own personal obstacles.

Image of Mattis, BTW Trained Security Dog

Honorary BTS Team Member, Mattis

“We’re here to help connect the dots for veterans. Making the transition from military to civilian life can be very hard. It is an ongoing challenge, but there is help available. From the interviewing process to job placement or mental health services, we’re here,” said Casey. “Our main mission is to act as a stepping stone for the individual, providing support every step of the way. We don’t see our company as an opportunity for competition… we see it as an opportunity to give veterans a fair chance and provide quality security services under a ‘battle tested’ name.”

No matter the mission, Battle Tested Security stays true to its core values—overcoming obstacles to help give transitioning military veterans a helping hand and providing top event security and services nationwide.

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