Want to test out a foreign market? Maryland can help with that.

02/17/2023| Julie Miller

Want to test out a foreign market? Maryland can help with that.

02/17/2023 | Julie Miller

The Maryland Global Gateway program, which helps businesses ease their transition to global markets, has launched an exchange element  designed for Maryland companies. Selected Maryland companies will have the opportunity to explore a foreign market with the support of a partnering incubator. Participating companies can also apply for ExportMD grants  to help offset costs.

Exchange partners provide companies with access to facilities, resources, networking, advisors, and more. Current international partners include incubator programs in Ireland, South Korea and Japan, with more expected to join in the coming months.

The program is also once again accepting applications through March 15 from foreign businesses looking to expand in the U.S. In 2022, the inaugural round of the Global Gateway program connected 14 foreign companies to Maryland’s local incubators and accelerators. Participating companies were eligible for funding toward rent costs for up to six months at a business incubator and accelerator in Maryland. The program also offers training, mentoring, matchmaking and networking, and assistance with business registration costs for those that choose to stay in Maryland.

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