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Home to collectively the most forward thinking quantum incubators, accelerators and startups in the nation working on every aspect of quantum computing— from materials and hard matter—to theory and applications, in Maryland, you’ll find a highly educated workforce, unique federal access, R&D funding, and engaged state partners with innovative tax incentives. Maryland can put your business in a super position out in front of the quantum wave.


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University of Maryland in quantum computing

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University of Maryland


The University of Maryland is a hub for quantum research and development, where more than 200 quantum scientists and engineers explore the properties and applications of quantum physics. Dedicated programs and facilities drive further innovation within UMD and its partners. UMD quantum initiatives include:

UMD is home to the National Quantum Lab in Maryland or Q-Lab , which offers flexible training in practical quantum computing.

Quantum Startup Foundry , dedicated to quantum innovation, brings entrepreneurs together with industry and government customers, investors, technical mentors, leading-edge research and IP, and quantum-specific infrastructure.

UMD is home to the Quantum Technology Center , located in its gleaming new $67 million dollar home, The Idea Factory , offers an interdisciplinary lens on quantum computing. Other quantum research centers at UMD include the Quantum Materials Center (QMC)  and the Condensed Matter Theory Center .

The Mid-Atlantic Quantum Alliance , rooted at UMD, is an inclusive community designed to accelerate innovation across the range of quantum technologies.

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There is no better place for IonQ to continue to grow and thrive than in College Park. Our connection with the University of Maryland gives us access to a pipeline of stellar workforce talent as we bring quantum computing to scale.

– Peter Chapman, IonQ President and CEO

Funding & Incentives

4 Programs to Help Your Quantum Company

In Maryland, you’ll find dedicated state programs and focused investors that are all-in on supporting local tech success. Here are four exciting opportunities for Maryland companies.

This program provides grants for innovation infrastructure projects in eligible technology sectors, including quantum. Learn More .

A state-led program that incentivizes investors to make investments in Maryland technology companies. Learn more. 

The Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO) drives Maryland’s next wave of startups through a variety of resources and Seed Funds, including the Technology Commercialization Fund. Learn more .

The Maryland Global Gateway Soft Landing Program provides international companies with the opportunity to test out the U.S. market at an affordable rate. Quantum Startup Foundry is among the participating incubators. Learn more .

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