Made Plus brings shoe manufacturing to Annapolis

02/05/2024| Samantha Foley

Made Plus brings shoe manufacturing to Annapolis

02/05/2024 | Samantha Foley

Shoemaking can bring many images to mind. Fairy tales like “The Elves and The Shoemaker'' by The Brothers Grimm, or even, “The Little Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe.” But perhaps, for others, the idea of modern shoemaking brings less rosy images to mind: mass production; a large manufacturing warehouse, clanky outdated machines, a long assembly line, a product that doesn’t fit quite right, and even worse, the smell of shoes!

Whatever your preconceived notions of footwear manufacturing may be, the team of experienced cobblers, modern shoemakers and technologists at Made Plus  is hoping to change your mind. Founder and CEO Alan Guyan and his talented team of footwear aficionados have stepped up with a plan to change the shoe manufacturing industry, all right here in Maryland.

A former Under Armour executive with a self-proclaimed passion for shaping the trajectory of footwear, Guyan felt more could be done to improve the standards of modern footwear. So, he “laced” up with a team of fellow industry veterans from industry giants like Nike, New Balance, and Sketchers to steer the development of a new production system that will bridge the gap between the consumer and the manufacturing and customization process, all while reducing waste and creating a better shoe. Thus, Made Plus was cobbled into existence.

“The goal at Made Plus is to shake up the shoemaking and manufacturing world. For too long, the industry has stuck to the same machine-made methods of mass production that not only sacrifice the overall quality of the shoe, but can also be damaging to the environment, not to mention wasteful,” said Guyan.

The Made Plus team has a passion for aligning products, speed, and market trends and opportunities to help enhance its warehouse factory dynamics. The facility uses advanced technologies like 3D printing and knitting, as well as digital modeling to stay ahead of industry trends. Guyan has also composed an extensive track record for honing in on and nurturing talent within his own workforce. He takes great pride in empowering the perfect individuals for precise roles, and has assembled a stellar team that has perfected their craft, right down to the last stitch and needle.

“As a company, we are proud to highlight that every pair of shoes is hand-crafted right here in the U.S., in our manufacturing facility in Annapolis. By producing domestically, we not only ensure superior quality and craftsmanship, but are also supporting the local skilled labor workforce, and contributing to the growth of our communities,” said Guyan.

The company’s expertise in selecting optimal talent and materials has resulted in a high quality shoe with a comfortable and proper fit that sends its customers running for more. During its first year of business, Made Plus customized, hand-stitched, and produced hundreds of shoes for customers across the nation. With products flying off the production facility shelves, Guyan has kept environmental sustainability a top priority. Every part of the production process is centered around reducing waste; the company actually uses recycled plastic bottles for most of its knitting materials!

In honor of its successful first year, Made Plus marked the occasion with an appropriately titled “Shoelace Cutting” event, a play on the typical ribbon cutting event most small businesses hold. Made Plus has come a long way in its first year, but has many steps ahead as it hopes to increase its production and manufacturing capacity within the coming years. The brand also plans to launch running shoe and pickleball shoe collections later this year.

No matter what steps Alan Guyan and the Made Plus team take, the company wants you to take every step with purpose – and with Made Plus footwear.

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